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SKIDROW – Free download Roguelands SKIDROW Repack released on 15 June 2016, Roguelands v1.0 Full Version has a ton of different weapons ranging from a plasma cannon to elemental staves, interesting abilities such as summoning stationary artillery droids, and a very well done crafting system. While death in Roguelands deletes your character forever, you never feel too upset about it due to the immense variety in the different playstyles and a ton of unlockable content like new races or new stat-boosting hats. While Roguelands v1.0 Full Version does have a couple design decisions that I disagree with such as a single failed alchemy experiment selling for more gold than you will find in your entire first 30 minutes of play, it is still very fun with a ton of replayability and a great multiplayer mode.

Roguelands v1.0 Full Version Roguelands v1.0

Game Title: Roguelands SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: SmashGames
Publisher: SmashGames
Release Date: Nov 6, 2015
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Review Roguelands v1.0 Full Version :

Having over 100 hours on the game throughout its early access stage, I feel like leaving a review is a way of paying Sean back for all his hard word

Roguelands v1.0 Full Version, Possibly my favourite Indie game of all time. Even when playing during the earlier builds (when once you hit lvl. 13, A level-up would take over an hour of grinding and the gear was limited to the basic craftables) I ha a great time. I waited in agony each week for the next build to come out. New planets, New gear. The levelling system revamp. Challenge levels. Every update was an amazing new experience (And Ill forgive and forget about the dreaded save wipe update)

The 1.0 Update, That which I’ve waited forever for. Finally gives a storyline and some proceedural questing. We are finally given augments and uniforms, along with all the races. I’m gonna be happy binging on this game for another 100 hours, maybe even wiping my save to start from scratch. (Yes, I enjoy this game so much id happily destroy 100 hours of my life to do it all again and more)

The combat and resource collecting systems are unique and well managed. The crafting system and gear levelling is a great way of enabling progression. Having a storage chest that flows between all characters takes away some of the punishment of dying (and yes, you will die. If you’re a new player, I give you 30 seconds upon entering the first area)

100% recommended, I look forwards to more and more updates and cool stuff as time goes on. My only regrets being that I wasn’t a kickstarter backer (RIP golden droid, Artwork book, Platinum badge and Roguelands poster). Download Roguelands v1.0 Full Version and playing now this game.

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