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Feudalism Full Version

SKIDROW – Feudalism Full Version is a typical strategy game, so if you like strategy games, probably you’ll love Feudalism. Maybe some features remind Civilization or Crusader Kings or even Europa Universalis.

After playing for few hours you find that Feudalism is a lot different. It’s a simple game in a complex simulation, where many factors come into play, many decisions to make, in peace or war times.

It’s a game that can be recommended easily, considering also that patches are released quite often, to solve bug issues or to add content. For the price proposed, it’s a real bargain! A solid and complex simulation, a simple and easy gameplay, with a clear user interface and a really interesting setting. Download Feudalism Full Version and playing now this game.

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Game Title: Feudalism SKIDROW
Imagimotion ,IV Productions
Merge Games
Release Date:
14 Jun, 2016
Game Size: 396 MB

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Hm….well this is tough…. I got this game for free about an hour ago and I love doing first impression reviews. Some think that below an hour can’t tell you anything, I say it is helpful when a game just released and its all you have to go on. I am here to give you the first look before buying on a whim.

It’s Okay

I certaintly wouldn’t call this game amazing or better than many other 4x games. It does however do its job. You expand your empire, you build facilities in villages to expand from within and of course you can expand through military domination. The best way to explain this game’s…okayness..is through the age old pro con list:


  • Turn-Based Strategy fits well
  • A lot to research and advance
  • Military Strategy and Formations which a lot of strategy games seem to be lacking these days
  • Dynasty System
  • Espionage works wonders
  • It’s not early access but, this has a lot of promise if devs stick with it
  • So far, no gamebreaking bugs
  • Events and other notifications has cool, feudal period art
  • You can customize your victory conditions. Like instead of winning when you have 100% of tech, you can make it 25%


  • No Achievements
  • I suffer lag often when weather changes or I switch to a new board
  • No option to turn off music
  • Combat is really clunky and hard to really tell whats going on. Tutorial does not teach combat
  • Speaking of Tutorial, it covers only the basics
  • Colonizing other boards is confusing…how do I populate the colonies? Tutorial says nothing
  • Diplomacy is bad
  • UI and Graphics are an eye sore
  • You can’t scroll through the notifications, think Civ V, you right click to dismiss notifications to see all of them…can’t do that here
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