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SKIDROW – Free download Summer Fling Uncensored Edition for windows PC. Summer Fling Full Version is visual novel games, released on 23 June 2016 by SKIDROW Repacks. You are entering your summer break before university begins. And what better way to spend a summer break than at the lake with two friends, will the summer become an unforgettable time or will it just fade away. Welcome to your Summer Fling.

Summer Fling Full Version

Summer Fling

Game Title: Summer Fling SKIDROW
Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Dharker Studio
Publisher: Dharker Studio
Release Date: 16 Jun, 2016

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Review Summer Fling Full Version:

Not Dharker Studio’s best work. I haven’t yet bought Club Life myself, but I was able to play that game using a friend’s Steam Account, and comparing the two games, I’d say Club Life was better. Club Life involved picking two school clubs at the beginning to join, which would then lead you into meeting girls that you can end up with. While with Summer Fling Full Version, you run into two best friends, who you invite to spend a weekend with at your family’s beach house, and possibly get together with.

Not really sure if both games had the same writer, but the writing style seemed different. Might be because of the different scenario, I don’t know, though I found that I liked the characters in Club Life more.

I think the art was better too, at least when it came to the shape of the chin. Though both games shared a similiarity in that I can’t get the last ending alone without a proper walkthrough. Seeing all the negative reviews though, most of which seem to complain about the lack of voice acting, which I think is irrelevant, I doubt that’s likely.

In spite of those reviews, I bought the game anyway, since I do like the games Dharker Studios produce, and do plan on still keeping this. But while Club Life didn’t really tie up all it’s loose ends, while this game had, it was fitting, and I still feel had a better plot then this. The writer did do a good job at writing a third wheel though.

I just wish I could get some help on getting that threesome ending, even though the game has about only three or four nudes to really use as private ‘material’, not even counting the possibility of this threesome ending having nudes. Download Summer Fling Full Version and playing now this game.

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