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SKIDROW – Free download Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Repack by Fitgirl, released on 30 June 2016. The story behind Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version is phenomenal. Every twist and turn poses more questions, and you feel as though you can’t stop playing until you’ve found all the answers. There are many different endings to explore, both good and bad, and you won’t feel like you’ve truly completed the game until you’ve seen them all. As previously stated, it follows a non-linear story and you can play it in any order – which works extremely well due to the participants losing their memories every 90 minutes. They don’t know what order things are happening in, and neither do you. However, as endings are unlocked, you’ll be able to see the game’s story flowchart, and this will allow you to pinpoint things you’ve missed.

Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version

Pros Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version:

  • Gameplay is really really well made. It’s really damn good.
  • Compelling and really interesting story.
  • Flawless PC port
  • Amazingly written characters and backstories.
  • There is a skip button to skip the loads of text you are going to be seeing on the game. (Trust me loads of text)
  • Great soundtrack with remixes previous games music and completely new songs
  • Intrigue and suspense is masterfully done
  • Puzzle design has a good variety to it, and hits the sweet spot of reasonably challenging, without making you throw your keyboard at the wall.
  • No puzzle room is the same, and they will all make you think are same but no they are not.
  • The plot does a great job of not spoiling itself, but giving hints about what’s to come in the future. I noticed that when I went back to rerecord sections that some of the language and symbolism used connected directly to the end of the game, and I was just in awe at how woven it was. I like to call that the Edgar Wright effect, and ZTD has it in spades.
  • In 99% of the cases, the game does a good job of hinting when you get stuck, in particular when you’re stuck within a room and can’t figure out what you need to do next.
  • Estimated 20 hours playtime without skipping/using guides & Yes you can end the game in under 10 minutes. (If you are newcomer I recommend to go through the flow chart. The whole point of the game is that you are suppose to go through different timelines to find out secrets. You got the bad ending and you have to do something else. The game is really long.)

Cons Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version:

  • Graphics of this game are really from previous era honestly The graphics are really bad.
  • Lack of gameplay during the intro
  • Once in a while, the english voice acting…can be a little cringy.
  • Attempting to write on the in game notepad is like buttering up your hands and trying to play Wii Bowling. It just, no.
  • Keyboard functionality within the sections where you have to type in words, would have been appreciated.

In Conclusion Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version:

Download Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version

If you read all the above & you are going to play this game then I highly recommend In order to enjoy this game to its utmost potential, please play the two previous games: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and Virtue’s Last Reward (with the former getting a PC port). Yeah, you can probably skip it, but you won’t know the people in the D team. I did say to play all the games to enjoy this game to its “utmost potential”, but the game is still enjoyable if you don’t do so.

So Do I recommend the game? 100% yes & I’m honoured to play this good game I really liked it A really well made puzzle game, Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version is currently my favorite Puzzle game of the year. If you love mysteries and puzzles, get this game! Download Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma Full Version and playing now this game.

Game Title: Zero Escape Zero Time Dilemma SKIDROW Repacks
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 30 Jun, 2016

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