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Free download BUSTED! Full Game released on 20 June 2017 by SKIDROW Repacks and PC game BUSTED! Full Version is a frantic, semi-roguelike fusion of survival and clicker that’ll have you on the edge of your seat as you try to collect all the anime illustrations – and outsmart Dad! The anime girls have been censored! Only you have the power to free them! But Dad’s watching you… One wrong move, and you’re BUSTED!

BUSTED! Full Version

Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Silver Cow Studio
Publisher: Silver Cow Studio

Review Game BUSTED! Full Version : This game gives us a pretty straightforward explaination why doors have locks. It also teaches us the hardships of living in a surveillance state. Call it my bad taste if you want, but I just love the idea the game is based on. I only wish that they would make an official 18+ patch that makes the pictures more… ahem… worthy of hiding them from the dad.

BUSTED! Full Game

It’s comprehensible that they had to make the pictures less kinky, because Steam would not allow the game to be published otherwise. But that’s the reason why such official patches exist in the first place. So that the users can apply them AFTER they have downloaded the game from Steam in order to get the full experience and play the game the way it’s actually intended to be played. And Steam does not seem to have any problem with the existence of such patches als long as Steam doesn’t have to distribute them.

BUSTED! Free Download

I mean if you’re just gonna torture us like that (with a constant fear of loosing all the progress at any possible second) then at least give us something good to look at. Something that is worth all that suffering. Damn does my finger hurt. It’s not what you’re thinking. I just had to click like crazy only to loose all my progress at level 5 because the time ran out. Get BUSTED! Free Download and enjoy this game.

Minimum System Requirements :

  1. OS: Windows 7 or above
  2. Processor: Core i5 or above
  3. Memory: 1 GB RAM
  4. Graphics: 1GB
  5. DirectX: Version 9.0c
  6. Storage: 200 MB available space

Game Size : 87 MB
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