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Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai Free Download

Title: Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai SKIDROW
Year: 2020-02-17
Developer: sushi_soft
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Voice: Japanese

About Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai Free Download:

What if your childhood friend grew up into a gorgeous young lady? What if she asked you to move in with her? What if the two of you joined forces to make her the hottest new pop idol sensation? Follow fledgling idol Ai and producer Nobu as they navigate the ups and downs of life, love, and the entertainment industry in this visual novel adventure!The E-mote Engine brings character portraits to life with life-like, natural animations.

Enjoy the story in English, Japanese, or Chinese (Simplified),

with full voice acting from the main characters in the Japanese version.

Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai SKIDROW

Story Visual Novel Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai :

The entertainment industry is a battlefield.

In recent years, countless pop idols have launched new careers, some achieving fame and fortune, others falling into obscurity. Competition is so fierce, people have started referring to this era as the “Warring Idols Period.”

Down on his luck and forced to leave his employee dorm, young producer Nobuyuki Kinoshita runs into an old friend, Ai Amane. Little does he know that this chance reunion will have far-reaching consequences.

After inviting Nobuyuki to move in with her, and learning that his company is running low on talent, Ai makes a suprising declaration:

“I want to be an idol!”

Now, Ai is determined to help Nobu save ODA Productions from bankruptcy, and to transform her own life on the path to becoming an idol.

Review :

kirakira stars idol project AI Full Version is the first start of sushi soft. Honestly, the first impression for this publisher name sushi soft, was Nukige. But their work was better than expected. This is a Japanese anime visual novel with above average quality. Looking forward to their future projects. Recommended!

Download Links Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai English :

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One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Free Download

GENRE: Action
DEVELOPER: Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd.
RELEASE DATE: 27 Feb, 2020

PC Game One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Full Version by SKIDROW is a game based on the hit series One Punch Man, I love One Punch Man and I was looking forward to the game because of the trailers that we were giving. I was looking forward to what the combat system had to offer as it showed potential and the fact that we all could play as our favorite characters felt amazing. However, even as a huge One Punch Man fan, I can not recommend this game as it’s a mess of a game on many fronts and I have a lot to say about it.

Story One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Free Download

So the story starts out with the character you make being hired by the Hero Association and it’s your job to save lives from all over the city and you start by being a Class C hero. After that, you are sent on a mission to go help the city folk and you meet some of the pro heroes. After that, the Hero Association calls you in to help some people that are being hunted down by Vaccine Man and your job is to protect the citizens of that area.

You fight Vaccine Man only to find out that you are not doing a lot of damage to him, then all of a sudden Saitama appears and takes out Vaccine Man with One Punch. Then the character you make asks to be Saitama’s apprentice and he says no because you are not like Genos and you can’t pay his rent or have a toothbrush of your own.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows SKIDROW

Now the story is PAINFULLY SLOW and should have not been taken this way, it takes way too long for something to get done as the game is giving you side missions and other things to do when you just want to get on with the actual story. What they should have done was to make us play as Saitama in the first mission, then we play as Genos in the next mission and make the timer go down for Saitama to come and so forth. I know this story might have been a lot shorter as it only goes up to the Alien Conquerors Ark but they could have made up missions where we play as other heroes or something or give us a story where we play as the villains on their perspective.

Character Creation/Bed Room Decoration

The character creation is a nice touch, however, I feel something empty when making my character. Most of the cosmetics you want to use are locked and that is fine but they don’t really give us a lot of room to really do anything. The whole character creation thing is cool but I just feel some sort of emptiness when making the character I wanted, it looks more like a Saitama doll than anything like a character. Really the character I made feels like they are dead inside. Then you have your bedroom where you can design it and put all sorts of things inside, it’s a nice thing to have I guess but like the character creation, it feels empty yet again and it’s just sad to see this. You have to get most of the declarations which make sense and it gives you a reason to spend the money you get that the game gives you.


Now the gameplay is also underwhelming, the trailers mostly showed the fights and how the characters played. This is fine but the devs did not really show us the whole hub world part, in the trailers that the game showed us, there was nothing of a hub world shown at all and it felt like it was put in as an afterthought. To make matters worse the hub world feels dead, there are NPC’s and if you are online there are players but to me, it just feels dead and nothing is really happing.

Now for the fights themselves, well the characters feel floaty and the controls are clunky, to say the least. There is a basic combo and you have heavy attacks, however, it feels too basic and none of the characters require any skill what so ever and you are not rewarded on how good you are. To top it off, some characters are outclassed, you are going to want to use the higher ranking characters simply because they do more damage can take out the weaker ones in a few hits. To get these characters you have to play through the slow story mode so your favorites are not even available at the start of the game which is sad because I bet everyone expected all the characters to be available.

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows

Now the characters feel floaty because when you do a combo, they can get comboed into oblivion, as when you get back up sometimes you can just get hit again and you have to dodge as soon as you get back up. The characters take a little too long to get back up and pressing buttons does not help matters either and you can’t roll dodge to get out of the way and that should be something you should be able to do.

The character that you make starts off weak but you can upgrade them to get stronger like doing more damage, more health, speed, and more special attack damage. The main issue with this is that the work does not feel satisfying and the special moves that the character you make is a cool idea, however, I, for the most part, don’t feel anything special performing them. As a matter of fact, none of the special moves that the game has feel great to pull off and that is something that I think a fighting game should do and that is to make us feel like we are doing something when performing a special move. To get these special moves you have to wait for this charge meter to go up, certain special moves require a certain amount of charges, the main issue with this is that sometimes you take out your opponent before even doing a special move.

What Holds The Game Back

The game feels dead and when I say that, it means the game has no life in it. The character creation is cool but it feels dead, the story feels dead, the hub world feels dead in a way, the gameplay just feels dead. The game just simply feels like no life or thought was put into it and that is sad as I wanted this game to be good and what we have here is a train wreck of a game.

Honorable Mentions

The intro to the game actually was really well done and it makes it look like that the game and the game’s intro are two different games altogether.

Final Verdict

One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows Free Download is an insult to the One Punch Man series and it’s sad to see this, a great IP and we just got a shoehorned fighting game that is not fun to play. To make matters worse, it’s 80 dollars CDN and I was dumb enough to buy the season pass, this game is not 80 dollars, it feels more like a 20 dollar game than anything. Azur Lane Crosswave, which was released two weeks before, has more charm then what this game has given us and it’s a VN with some gameplay. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this game and save your money and if you want a good arena fighter wait for My Hero One’s Justice 2 to come out, as that game can appeal for all kinds of fans in my eyes and it’s coming out in two weeks as well almost.


OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2550
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 570
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 8 GB available space

OS:  Windows 10 64-bit
Processor:  Intel Core i5-7400
Memory:  8 GB RAM
Graphics:  GeForce GTX 680
DirectX:  Version 11
Storage:  8 GB available space

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Latest version PC game Baldr Sky Free Download [ English Visual Novel ] released on January 2020 by SKIDROW Repacks.

Baldr Sky Free Download [ English Visual Novel ]

Baldr Sky Free Download [ English Visual Novel ]

Title: Baldr Sky
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Year: Japan Baldr Sky Dive1 – 2009-03-27; Baldr Sky Dive2 – 2009-11-27, English Version Baldr Sky Dive2 + Dive1 – 2019-12-20
Developer: Giga
Publisher: Sekai Project
Language: English
Voice: Japanese

Description Game Baldr Sky Free Download [ English Visual Novel ]:

Baldr Sky SKIDROW is a combined release of the Japanese games ‘Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”’ and ‘Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”’

Dive into a thrilling futuristic world where people implant brain chips into themselves to escape off to virtual worlds crafted by AI technology. Though, they may find that sending their mind into cyberspace can have terrible repercussions…

Freelance mercenary and simulacrum pilot Kou Kadokura’s life mission is to catch those responsible for Gray Christmas, the tragedy that destroyed his once peaceful life… So why can’t he remember anything? He awakens in the middle of a bloody virtual battlefield, riding inside a mechanical body with a whole host of questions on his mind. Who is this woman calling him Lieutenant? Who can he truly trust when he has so many gaps in his memory? As war looms in dystopian Suzushiro City, all eyes are on Kou, the man with the answers to the world’s questions locked up inside of him. He must thread the needle amidst the delicate political balance in order to survive, regain his lost memories, and avenge the lives of the loved ones he lost. The only question is, can he prevail when every major faction in the world is hellbent on stopping him? Unravel all the mysteries in this fast-paced mech action game that takes place in a lovingly-crafted, unique cyberpunk setting!

Restoration Patch (already applied):

  • All CGs modified to remove nudity have been restored.
  • Restored removed CG and nude character standing illustrations.
  • Restored nipples to character face window portraits.
  • Restored a small number of lines that were cut or modified outside of sex scenes.
  • CG Gallery updated to display 18+ CG.
  • The Scene Gallery replaces the Movie Gallery.
  • Secret Files bonus h-scene unlocks are restored.

Download Links game Baldr Sky Full Version – 7.8 GB :

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PC Game The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Free Download by SKIDROW

The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Free Download

The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Free Download

Title: Miaoli Guo de Shi Hu Shaonu
Original title: 苗栗國的石虎少女
Year: 2019-12-14
Developer: Erotes Studio
Publishers: Erotes Studio
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Voice: Not voiced

Description Game The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Free Download:

In the year 201X, Hualian county held a mockery of a referendum to become the Kingdom of Hualian. After the Kingdom of Hualian is established, it had a domino effect where all 22 counties in Taiwan held a similar referendum. Surprisingly, all of them were successful, leading to chaos in Taiwan.

The protagonist Wang Cheng-En was a pharmacist who worked in Taipei. When he was barred from working there, he returned to his hometown Miaoli Empire. Along the way, he didn’t expect to come across a wounded leopard catgirl Pisuka Riya. By taking care of her, a story on the romance between the two of them in Miaoli Empire begins.

The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Full Version

The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Full Version

Game Features

  • Stander virtual novel play style.
  • With saving and loading feature.
  • Support three different languages.
  • Contain many original musics and songs.


OS: window 10(32/64bit)
Processor: Pentium4 1.4GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM

OS: window 10(32/64bit)
Processor: Pentium4 1.4GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM

Download Link The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli Full Game :

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Description PC Game Cooking Simulator Free Download :

Become the ultimate chef! Take control of a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands. Unlock and master over 60 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to cook everything you like. All spiced up with a dash of real-life physics!

Cooking Simulator Free Download

Cooking Simulator Free Download

Key Features:

  • Career and Sandbox modes
  • 60+ recipes
  • 120+ lifelike ingredients
  • Perks and skills to unlock
  • Advanced cooking mechanics
  • Realistic physics
Cooking Simulator Full Version

Cooking Simulator Full Version

Your own kitchen’s got all the particular gear a chef may well need. Griddles, cookers, gasoline stands, ovens and lots of utensils like containers, pans, plates, knives, spatulas and blenders! In addition to that presently there are over 120 substances available in the kitchen: meat and fish, berries and veggies, dairy food in addition to various liquids. Gleam total set of spices in addition to herbs for adding of which extra flavour!

Lifelike cooking food experience! All the elements react to your actions by simply changing temperature, appearance plus taste. Every time most likely slicing potatoes, flipping meats or boiling a soups, there are some real life physics applied to that. Once you understand the particular cooking mechanics and commence offering dishes, you’ll see oneself becoming a better cook jointly new plate in the checkout.

Career function is a culinary quest zero-to-hero style as well as your process is to gain popularity for you and your current restaurant. You’ll start coming from the basics and steadily unlock new more complicated dishes and start offering more customers as your own fame and experience increase. Once you master typically the recipes and workflow, you can unlock various perks and even skills.

However, if you aren’t not interested in enjoying by the rules, you aren’t going to love typically the Sandbox mode. Access most the recipes and elements and prepare what you may prefer without any pressure. You don’t need to even have to make anything! Game physics offers you unlimited opportunities. Toss knives like darts, arranged up cutting boards just like dominoes, set the complete kitchen area on fire, blow way up the oven and help save your day using a flames extinguisher! Get Cooking Simulator SKIDROW and playing now this game.

Game Cooking Simulator details :

Genre: Simulation – FPP – Modern
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Release date: June 6, 2019
Company: Big Cheese Studio / PlayWay
Size: 2.6 GB

Download Links Cooking Simulator Full Version :

Direct Download Mirror Link