Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Free Download

SKIDROW Repacks – Latest version english visual novel Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Free Download for PC windows. Game Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Full Version is the second story in the Wilder collection, a series of visual novels featuring a female protagonist, hundreds of choices, two endings, and a romance that breaks all the rules. In a world where djinn are slaves and humans their masters, can two souls drawn together from opposite sides of the divide truly find happiness? Can they find freedom?

Wilder: Bahadur's Story Free Download

Bahadur has served as your family’s valet for many years, and has always been your loyal companion. But he has never known a life outside the city; a life without chains. You are the niece of an important nobleman and have lived a sheltered existence. Your whole life, you have never truly questioned the way things are. That is about to change. Get Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Free Download and playing now Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Full Game.

Wilder: Bahadur's Story Full Game Wilder: Bahadur's Story SKIDROW

Game Title : Wilder: Bahadur’s Story SKIDROW
Developer : sonnet009
Download Link Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Full Version : setupWBSwwwSKDIROWREPACKScom.7z (200 Mb)

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8 thoughts on “Wilder: Bahadur’s Story Free Download

    1. vanillacake

      Hey! You seem to have downloaded the game. I’m kind of new and I don’t know whether to trust this site or not? How have you been experiencing this? :/

  1. Karolina

    Yup, actually works, ESET didn’t detect any virus. After this I purchased actual game, though, to at least support sonnet009.

  2. Lore

    Why do you pirate indie games? The only source of income of Sonnet are their games! I get that you pirate games from important companies, but from poor people trying to get a living?

    And the people downloading the game from this page. You know, Sonnet is selling the routes for only 4$. My income is quite… poorly, so I had to save so I could buy a route. But I still bought it instead of pirating it. You know why? Because I know how hard is to live by your own.

    I hope you reconsider your decisions and stop pirating games from people trying to get a living from it


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