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SKIDROW Repacks – Latest version PC game Wilder – Ran’s Story Free download released on 8 March 2017 and this game full cracked by SKIDROW. Wilder – Ran’s Story Full Version is the first story in the Wilder collection, a series of visual novels featuring a female protagonist, hundreds of choices, two endings, and a romance that breaks all the rules. In a world where djinn are slaves and humans their masters, can two souls drawn together from opposite sides of the divide truly find happiness? Can they find freedom?

Wilder - Ran's Story Full Version

Ran was found wandering the desert, and brought to human civilization to begin his new life as a slave. As an albino djinn, he is incredibly valuable. As a half-wild rebel, he is extremely dangerous.

You are the niece of an important nobleman and have lived a sheltered existence. Your whole life, you have never truly questioned the way things are. Download Wilder – Ran’s Story Full Version and playing now Wilder – Ran’s Story Full Game.

Wilder - Ran's Story

Game Title : Wilder – Ran’s Story SKIDROW
Developer : Sonnet009
Publishers : Sonnet009
Game Size : 200 MB
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        Oh, thank you. :p It’s okay now. I formatted my pc, because this malware was blocking my Internet access.

  1. Karolina

    Hey, I’ve just wanted to say thanks to anyone who uploaded this free version. The game itself is really fantastic (plus you get to see Ran’s blush, which is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while). At first I wasn’t sure whether to buy the game from sonnet009, but, well, thanks to you, I decided to purchase it on itch.io. Enjoyment is guaranteed. 😉

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    doesn’t work at all. leads you to scammy and sketchy websites instead. please update the links so they don’t mess your computer up completely


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